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Our Reggio Philosophy

The Reggio Emilia Method

In Reggio Emilia they believe children have an enormous potential and curiosity. Children strive to understand the world, making their own theories to explain how it functions. Children’s knowledge needs to be brought out using their natural curiosity and not filled in. Each person constructs their own intelligence from direct interaction with the environment and in social groups.

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is committed to the creation of a learning environment that will enhance and facilitate children’s construction of his or her own powers of thinking through the combination of all the expressive, communicative and cognitive languages.

Children are little researchers; they can and want to communicate with the surrounding world. They are individuals with own thoughts, emotions and expressions. They believe in a “listening pedagogy”.

In Reggio schools, time is not set by the clock, but by the child’s needs and interests. Monday doesn’t mean paint day and everybody doesn’t go to the bathroom at the same time. There should be sufficient time for a child to express, learn, explore, extend and revisit a given project.

What Families & Teachers Ask of Our School

What Our Children Ask of Our School

Our Reggio Practice

Mindfulness / Yoga

יוגה ומוּדָעוּת עצמית

In addition to scheduled classes with visiting yoga instructors, our teachers practice daily yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques with children. Developing a toolbox of mindful breathing and relaxation strategies can help young children’s social-emotional development in many ways. Daily morning meetings begin with breath control to help children come to a place of tranquility; ready to share and listen. The mindfulness skills learned in group settings are something we return to frequently. 


הגן היחף

Our children walk around Barefoot there are many benefits to walking around connected to the ground. Some of the benefits of walking barefoot are; it develops a sense of body awareness and proprioception, develops a natural, healthy gait, strengthens the feet and body, healthy for cognitive development, improves safety, and provides a direct connection to our natural environment. Here is some more information on the benefits of being Barefoot;

Health Conscious

בריאות ותזונה

We believe that healthy eating habits start young, which is valued by our community. Together we work with our community in establishing these healthy habits. A child’s body needs good nutrition not just food. With a lot of thought and preparation we cook fresh lunch on site daily using vegetables and herbs from our garden. Snacks are prepared fresh daily. We serve Kosher food and a diet high in seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins.

Nature & Environment

טבע וסביבה

The context of our outdoor environment is designed with intention and purpose. The gardens are treated as their own atelier. Providing the children with rich hands on learning experiences. Early childhood is  the time to plant the seeds of wonder. Allowing our children to explore and discover for themselves the marvels of nature.  Positive values such as respect, empathy, and responsibility,  are practiced daily through animal care. Through observation children learn about animal behavior, instincts and intelligence. Through animal experiences, the children become more curious, respectful and appreciative of living things. Our children are exposed to different aspects of nature daily and develop a sense of wonderment and appreciation for life on Earth. 

Music & Movement

מוזיקה ותנועה

We love and appreciate music at Barefoot!  The language of Music is an ongoing daily composition at Barefoot, and used as a gathering tool within our community. The children are exposed to many aspects of music such as literacy, rhythm, notation, and movement. Techniques such as call-and-response allow children to engage in musical conversation and improvisation, building communication skills, and developing children’s confidence and individuality within the context of the social group. Not only does it ignite child development, but music helps the body, soul, and mind work together. “Music is a world within itself, it’s a language we all understand.”

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Applications are provided upon request, after touring our preschool. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Children may start in the middle of the year, once they turn two-years old.

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