Reggio & Jewish Inspired

Full & Half Day Preschool

Where Everyday Is a Unique Adventure 


Child-centered curriculum driven by the natural curiosity and creativity of our students. 

Stimulating Atelier

The indoor-outdoor workshop setting is a canvas of possibilities, designed to inspire and engage.

Individual Focus

Each child’s journey is expressed in photographs, displays, and crafts, documenting their growth.

At Barefoot Atelier, we offer a rich full & half day preschool program combining the Reggio Emilia approach with enriching Jewish traditions. Days are busy, fun and always dynamic, in the adventurous holistic development of our precious children.  Our emphasis is on child-led exploration and discovery, with teachers acting as facilitators to support and guide children’s interests and inquiries.

Reggio & Jewish Inspired

Half/Full-Day Program

Reggio Inspired

Our full-day schedule allows for extensive exploration and varied activities, including gardening, caring for our school animals, art, cooking, and interactive learning experiences.

Mindfulness is a huge focus, and we foster the children’s self-awareness and emotional regulation. We also encourage social skills to cultivate cooperation, communication, and empathy within a community-centered learning environment.

At Barefoot Atelier preschool, we invite your child to a world of discovery and joy, where education is not just about gaining knowledge but about building a foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Jewish Inspired

Our curriculum follows the Jewish calendar, and activities are enriched by traditional Jewish holidays and celebrations. Our program includes Hebrew classes where we explore the language through songs ,stories, and holidays.

We also host regular extra-curricular family events to create a strong sense of identity and community.

Our Facility

We invite you to step into our nurturing sanctuary designed with intention for young minds, where every space sparks exploration. From our yoga area for movement to our kitchen for healthy eating experiences, each spot is thoughtfully crafted. Cozy reading nooks and melodic piano tunes inspire creativity. Amidst nature’s embrace, discover our art studio for colorful imagination journeys. Plus, meet our on-site animals! Outdoors, our nature-inspired spaces offer even more opportunities for adventure and learning. Join us in blending education and play in our inviting magical oasis.

Sample Day


  • Arrival and Exploration Time: Children are greeted warmly and are encouraged to engage in various experiences set up around the classroom, such as art, building blocks, and sensory tables. Those who wish can help prepare the morning snack. 
  • Morning Snack: Healthy, organic snack enjoyed outdoors. Mindful discussion of where each type of food originates. 
  • Group Meeting: Children gather in small groups and discuss the day’s activities are introduced. Children share their thoughts or experiences.
  • Hands on experiences: Yoga, music, art projects, storytime, dancing - dependent on the week and it’s focus.


  • Lunch: A communal mealtime where children and teachers eat together, fostering a sense of community. Children can either bring food from home or enjoy our home-made, organic and healthy lunch option. 
  • Rest/Quiet Time: A period for relaxation or nap, essential for young children’s development.


  • Project Work: Children work on longer-term projects, which can span several days or weeks, allowing for deep exploration of a topic.
  • Reflection: Children and educators discuss what they learned as well as opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Free Play: Time for children to engage in play of their choosing.


  • Preparation for Departure: Winding down with a story or quiet activity.
  • Goodbye Circle: A brief gathering to say goodbye and reflect on the day.

Sample Week

Theme: Exploring Nature and the Environment


  • Introduction to Nature Exploration: Children start the week by discussing different aspects of nature. They might bring in natural objects from home to share.
  • Nature Walk: A guided walk around the school or a nearby park, encouraging children to observe and collect natural items.


  • Sensory Exploration with Natural Materials: Children engage in sensory play using items collected from the nature walk, like leaves, stones, and twigs.
  • Art Project: Starting an art project using natural materials, such as leaf printing or creating nature collages.


  • Gardening Day: Activities focused on planting and understanding plant growth. Children may plant seeds in the school garden or in containers.
  • Story Time: Reading stories about nature, plants, and animals through the lens of the Jewish value of caring for nature.


  • Science Exploration: Simple science experiments related to nature, such as understanding how plants absorb water or exploring the concept of photosynthesis with age-appropriate activities.
  • Music and Movement: Songs and dance movements that mimic natural phenomena like wind, rain, and animal movements.


  • Shabbat Party: Every week a child is chosen as the “Shabbat Star”. We read Shabbat stories, sing songs, practice the blessings for Shabbat, and bake challah. 
  • Continuation and Completion of Art and Science Projects: Children continue to work on their week-long projects, adding final touches.

Preschool Program Hours

For family convenience and flexibility, you are welcome to drop off between 8:00 and 9:15 am.

Schedule Options

Half Day:

M-F 8:00am-12:30pm 

Full Day:

M-Th 8:00am-5:00pm

Fri    8:00am-4:00pm 


Applications are provided upon request, after touring our preschool. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Children may start in the middle of the year, once they turn two-years old.

Praise From Parents


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes, we cater to various dietary needs and restrictions, including kosher dietary requirements. Our meal plans are carefully crafted to be nutritious, balanced, and in accordance with individual dietary needs.
What meals do you provide for the children?
We provide a kosher morning snack, a kosher lunch for children who purchase the monthly lunch program, and a kosher afternoon snack. We strive to provide organic, healthy food for the children.
How can I enroll my child in your preschool?
We also welcome you to schedule a tour of our facility and meet our staff to learn more about our program. We provide applications after the tour, or open request (feel free to email us!)
What is your preschool’s philosophy?
Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every child is a competent, curious, and creative individual. We embrace the Reggio-Emilia approach, renowned for its emphasis on child-led exploration and expression, and blend it seamlessly with the rich traditions and values of the Jewish heritage. We believe in the power of ‘mindfulness’ – a core aspect of our teaching – which enables children to develop a deep awareness of themselves, others, and their environment. We help children become aware of their feelings and voice their needs.
What is the Ratio of Teachers to Students?

We have a 1:7 ratio of teachers to students.

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