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Parent and Me Classes

Mindful RIE Play & Bonding

Our unique Parent-and-Me classes offer our youngest learners a nurturing space to move, explore, and express themselves. Classes are designed to enhance your parenting journey, encourage self-exploration/independent play, and strengthen your connection with your child.

Parent-Child Bonding

Interactive, nurturing sessions deepening parent-child connections

Nurturing Growth

Learning and development for both parents and children, fostering strong, balanced relationships

Reflective Learning

Explore RIE caregiving philosophies, with guided reflection and observation

Musical Experience

Joyful, rhythmic learning & sensory activities for emotional and cognitive growth

Mindful Parent and Me Classes

At Barefoot Atilier our Parent-and-Me classes are mindfully guided sessions designed to deepen the parent-child relationship. Our tranquil, playful classroom allows both child and parent to be calm and present to participate in each other’s unfolding development. We offer 3 different weekly, one-hour, sessions for children ranging from 3 -24 months old. Our sessions guide you to better observe and support your child’s natural development. These classes help establish the foundation for a lifelong respectful relationship where children and parents can be fully authentic and develop into their best selves.

Class Highlights

Classes are aimed at learning and strengthening parent and child relationship and communication. You will receive top level support as we focus on key developmental milestones with sensitivity and encouragement. Included in this program are:

All About US

Our Philosophy

We believe that both parents and young children can learn and grow together, with mutual respect. Our philosophy is based on Dr. Emmi Pikler’s relationship-based caregiving approach and Magda Gerber’s Respectful Parenting Approach (the REI method). The REI method is a philosophy that encourages respectful and mindful interactions between caregivers and children. Similarly, the Pikler approach not only focuses on the practical aspects of childcare but also on the attitude of the caregiver, emphasizing the need for genuine empathy and understanding of children’s developmental needs.

Our Facilitator

Karen studied Early Childhood Education at UCLA and became a Certified ECE Director and Teacher. In 2012, she did some pro-level growing as part of the Alliance of RIE Associates, specializing in Infant Care. Then, in 2012, she jetted off to Reggio Emilia, Italy for a Winter Institute Program. She’s a mother of three who’s absolutely passionate about working with children. She thrives on teaming up with families and fellow teachers to give our little learners the best start in life, creating those unforgettable moments along the way.

Our Facility

We invite you to explore our beautiful nature-inspired facilities. The main classroom area includes a library with reading nooks and a piano, various play areas, pets, and lots of fresh sunlight. We have a front garden where the chickens live and children are free to play, a beautiful backyard with many different play areas (and pets!) We also have an art studio in the back.

Registration Information

New sessions open up on the 1st of every month. Classes are held every Monday. Sessions are $25/class with a monthly commitment. The first class is free for new parents


Applications are provided upon request, after touring our preschool. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Children may start in the middle of the year, once they turn two-years old.

Praise From Parents


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes, we cater to various dietary needs and restrictions, including kosher dietary requirements. Our meal plans are carefully crafted to be nutritious, balanced, and in accordance with individual dietary needs.
What meals do you provide for the children?
We provide a kosher morning snack, a kosher lunch for children who purchase the monthly lunch program, and a kosher afternoon snack. We strive to provide organic, healthy food for the children.
How can I enroll my child in your preschool?
We also welcome you to schedule a tour of our facility and meet our staff to learn more about our program. We provide applications after the tour, or open request (feel free to email us!)
What is your preschool’s philosophy?
Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every child is a competent, curious, and creative individual. We embrace the Reggio-Emilia approach, renowned for its emphasis on child-led exploration and expression, and blend it seamlessly with the rich traditions and values of the Jewish heritage. We believe in the power of ‘mindfulness’ – a core aspect of our teaching – which enables children to develop a deep awareness of themselves, others, and their environment. We help children become aware of their feelings and voice their needs.
What is the Ratio of Teachers to Students?
We have a 1:4 ratio of teachers to students.

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Please provide your information and our director will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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